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Selling Diamonds

If you are considering buying a diamond it can be a very intimidating time.  There are many different suppliers and providers of diamonds and the price can vary hugely.

It is important to understand that diamonds, much like Gold, is a currency which can fluctuate in price. So the timing of your purchase is also a factor.  With that said, we understand that timing may be dictated to you as birthdays or anniversary’s are out of your control.

What you can control is when you decide to sell diamonds.   Again, selling diamonds can intimidate people as the value of diamonds is high and therefore you are generally dealing with high value transactions.  You need to understand the value of your diamond, so when you do come to realising the value of your asset, we believe you should follow these simple steps to gain a better understanding and therefore price.

You may have heard something in the diamond world called the four C’s.   The four C’s are something all diamond traders use to value the diamond. Here is an explanation of the Four C’s and how to maximise the sale price of your diamond. 

Carat – A Carat is a weight measurement, a 2 carat diamond will weigh 400 milligrams.  The bigger thee diamond, the more expensive.  This may sound obvious, and it is – but you also need to take into account that two smaller diamonds of 100 milligrams may be of less value than a 200 milligram diamond.

Colour – the colour of the diamond also needs to be taken into account when buying and selling diamonds.  
The rarest diamonds are categorised D – and these are colourless diamonds and are generally higher in value – as are most things which are rare. There is then E, F, G and H – to the naked eye it is difficult to see the difference. It then also goes to G and K where there is more of a difference which can be visible from the naked eye.

Clarity – How clear is the diamond – are there spots clouds or even cavities?  Most diamonds have flaws of some kind and these are described – as you would guess, the clearer the diamond, the more brilliant the diamond, the more expensive and higher value it will carry.

Leaving the most important to last, the cut of the diamond determines a great deal towards the value or what someone is willing to pay you.  The reason the cut of the diamond carries such importance is that it is the cut which gives the diamond its brilliance.  You may find that a 2 carat diamond which is cut perfectly gains a higher price than a 3 carat diamond which is not correctly cut. 

The cut allows the light to filter through the diamond which reflects the light. The cut can also provide different sizes and shapes, common diamond shapes can be Heart, Diamond, Round and Emerald.
At HOW Cash For Diamonds, we believe it should be called the 5 C’s – why 5? Well to help the untrained people diamond providers can issue certificates to diamonds which then help people understand the value of the diamonds.   So a Certificate can be the final and 5th C.

If you are looking at selling diamonds HOW Cash For Diamonds can provide you with a guaranteed fixed price for your diamond with the money transferred into your account the same day.  If you are London based and would like to utilise our same day cash service, pop into the office and we will happily provide you wit a cash offer for your diamond.

For more information please contact us or visit our home page where you can view our Diamond Price calculator. 

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  • How Cash for Diamonds can provide basic packaging for your items which comprise an insert envelope and Royal Mail Special Delivery tamper proof bag. It is your responsibility to ensure that your items are securely and appropriately packaged, including the use of additional and/or item specific packaging. How Cash for Diamonds cannot be held responsible for damage to items sent in inappropriate packaging.

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